• Please Feel At East Mr. Ling

  • 状态:15集全
  • 类型:言情
  • 主演:
  • 年代:2022
  • 地区:大陆

简介:Delivery girl Gu Anxin accidentally knocks over Ling Yue, a CEO with "persecutory delusions", who found his life in danger when he becomes embroiled in a dispute over the company's inheritance. The "amnesiac" Ling Yue demands that Anxin take responsibility. Since she's in straitened circumstances, Anxin has no choice but to take him home and treat him. The two, with their very different personalities and polar opposite family backgrounds, began to live their chaotic lives together. Sparks begin to fly, and the female lead, who is "cheated" into taking care of the cold and aloof male lead, soon finds herself wrapped in cuteness every day. From then on, a refreshing and sweet love story starts to unfold.

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